How To Vote For Bigg Boss 5 Telugu In Hotstar On Laptop?

How To Vote For Bigg Boss 5 Telugu In Hotstar On Laptop?

Voting process is very Easy in Hotstar App. The method of voting through the Hotstar App is the same in Mobile and Laptop. Here we will explain to you all those details about how to vote through Hotstar on Laptop. Stay tuned to our website bigg boss 5 telugu vote  to get more details on Upcoming Episodes, Eliminations, Nominations, tasks, etc.

Process of Voting In Hotstar In Laptop

  • Go to Google chrome and Open Hotstar website or this Link 
  • Go to Search Bar and Type Bigg Boss 5 Telugu
  • Nagarjuna with Bigg Boss 5 Golden Logo appears
  • Below the Logo You can seen Separate Columns for different seasons, Unseen videos, Episodes, Spicy videos of Bigg Boss 5 Telugu and many more.
  • Just above those columns or Just Below the Logo You can seen Voting Bar Option
  • Voting Bar can be seen only when voting starts from 11pm on Monday
  • Click on the Voting Bar
  • Nominated Contestants will appear
  • Tap on your favourite Contestant
  • For One Tap You’ll give 1 Vote Likewise 10 taps give 10 votes, You can split the votes also
  • Each day you can give only max of 10 votes, From Monday to Friday you can give 50 Votes


The Contestant who gets the least number of votes among all the Nominated Contestants will get Eliminated. 

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