Unleashing the Power of the vivo V20

Unleashing the Power of the vivo V20


The all new OVI V20 is one of the hottest smartphones available right now. If you are looking for a phone that offers ultimate performance with all the features you need and then some, then the OVI V20 is definitely the phone that you have been looking for. It is loaded with plenty of features that will astound you like never before. With a gorgeous resolution of 2400 pixels, the sleek unibody aluminum body of this powerful Android smartphone easily rests in your palm, providing you with a light weight hold. With an incredible 8.4-inch sharpness widescreen, this phone has all the power it needs to allow you to enjoy videos, games, and everything that you can get from the OVI screen.

With a resolution of 1920 x 1200, the vivid Super AMOLED Plus display of the vivo v20 gives you an amazing viewing experience no matter how intense the environment or what you are doing. With a super sensitive screen and smooth performance, you are sure to enjoy a great viewing experience. vivo v20 With a powerful Adreno processor, you are also guaranteed to get an excellent browsing experience thanks to its excellent browsing abilities. With the free downloading of thousands of apps, you are sure to be entertained wherever you go.

With a large battery, you get a large volume of battery power. This enables you to enjoy more time online without feeling bored. With the extended battery life, you are sure to be able to enjoy videos for long hours without feeling pressured. With an octa-core Qualcomm processor, you get excellent multitasking performance with an increase in speed. This increases the productivity of your work and makes you more productive.

You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to software. The vivo v20 gives you many customizable options to suit your preferences. With an operating system of your choice and the thousands of applications already loaded into it, you are sure to be able to accomplish whatever you need to in an effortless way. The extensive memory and the advanced processors ensure that you get optimum battery life.

With an impressive eight mega-pixels camera that comes with a wide angle lens, the vivo v20 can make videos and stills look better than ever before. The front and rear cameras have high definition video recording capabilities with clear pictures delivered in a very crisp quality. In addition, the battery life is one of the best on the market. With four hours of charge, you are assured of having enough juice to last you through till the next day.

The vivid colors of the vivo v20 help to distinguish it from other digital cameras. The aspect ratio of this camera helps to deliver an image that is very sharp and crisp even at the smallest edges. It has the ability to capture photos and videos in Full HD and records audio with a high sound quality. The built in flash helps to reduce the time taken to zero in on an object and the Live Focus mode allows you to take photos even in poor lighting conditions. With all these features combined, you can see why this unit is an essential part of your kit.


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