The Two Gods Who Have Ruled the Day

The Two Gods Who Have Ruled the Day

From the beginning of the day of the lord around 4,000 years ago there have been 2 gods ruling over it. The first is the Spirit, the only true God of the universe that is in all things and controls everything. The second is the sun that has been personified into the image of a woman. Her beauty and style has brought men to her side and she is adored by many as the Mother of God.

This is the great contrast and something that has caused the confusion, terrorism, wars, famine and what is coming to end it.

The female god of Islamic origins started through Let the peace of God rule in your heart the son of Abraham, Ismal. The reverse of the last part of the name makes it Islam. He was commissioned by God to go forth and be the father of a great nation and it started in Babylon, the birthplace of the religion. It was called Zoro Aster which means morning star.

This image was described through holes when the sun passed behind them and from mountain peaks as it traversed the sky. The seven visible colours made the number sacred and so there are seven days in a week and the number 7 is expressed in the seven pointed star that sits over the law makers universally. It was from this source that man extracted his laws and the ways of life.

The Mother God was a trinity of earth, sun and light and 3 times 7 is 21, the age of consent in many societies to this day. Her name is ‘Ma-r-i’ which means ‘mothers powerful eye’ and that is ‘Mary’ in English. Constantine changed her status from Mother God to Mother of God when he invented Jesus Christ and established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD.

She is described as Babylon the Great in Revelation 17 where she is also declared as wearing purple and scarlet colors of both the Caesar and his religion. It also states that she is responsible for the martyrs of Jesus and that she holds a golden cup of abominations in her hand.

The people who worshiped here initially were the Amors who built Babylon and they also built the city of Mari and then moved to Italy. They established the city of Roma (reverse Amor) and Constantine was an Amorite. He reinstated the religion of Islam as that of the Catholic organisation he founded and Jesus Christ as its main prophet. This is declared in Revelation 13:13-18.

The real God, the Spirit of the Universe, seeded a group of people at the beginning of the day and tested them against the drawing power of the sun god. Those who remained true to their connective link are now strong in spirit and will inherit the restored earth as their reward. It’s up to everyone who can see the truth to come away from the false god and be part of it.


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